A new beginning – the PhD life chopper

Today is a new beginning for my life as a postgraduate student – despite having completed my first year. Being a postgraduate student is like traversing a landscape that no one has traversed before. I’ve been chopping my way through the underbrush for a year now, carving out a territory, but now my field data suggests that the territory I’ve spent so much time on has to be redone – or I need to redo the field work which I have spent so much time on. I suppose I’ve been naive in thinking it wouldn’t be like this, but there you go.

So for the past two months, I’ve been in what the Thesis Whisperer has aptly described as  The Valley of Shit – the feeling where you’re project doesn’t seem to make sense, and you’re not moving forward. But starting today, I’ll replace my metaphor of chopping through the underbrush to taking a chopper up above the landscape to get a helicopter perspective – I am going to choose to be in control of my project. More on this later. 

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