Day 1 at the end – didn’t swallow the elephant

End of day one of this habbit changing experiment. This is day 1, so I must excuse myself for not completely living up to my challenge: today I didn’t eat the elephant bit of transcribing and interview. Instead I (probably) spent too much time stamping on ants (emailing possible case study participants).

BUT approaching case study participants has been one of the important tasks I’ve been avoiding, at getting it done means that these ants, at least, won’t be cluttering my conscience next Monday.

Further successes: I do feel more satisfied today than I have in a long time. I’ve left what in the construction industry is known as a ‘straight edge’ – en even layer of bricks neatly finished and ready to work start work on on Monday, rather than 10 new stacks of bricks half laid which leave a mess Monday morning.

Have a GREAT weekend


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