The view from the helicopter

So how am I going to change things? I used to think that changing my mentality was the key issue – if I could only start controlling the throughts in my head through yoga and meditation, it would change my attitude towards my project – this has, at best, been a partial success, helping me to cope when I’m not at work, but still feeling trampled by elephants (presentations, supervisor ‘suggestions’ for ‘opportunities’ (=increased workload) appearing out of the underbrush that I was cutting through (see previous post.), and attacked by vicous ants crawling all over my precous time (little things cluttering my mind, all the emails nagging at your attention.) Changing your state of mind doesn’t seem to be enough – it has to be followed up by action.

Now, I’m going to introduce two very old (Pakistani, I think) project management tools: ‘How to eat an elephant’ and ‘How to kill ants’. How: I need to learn to spend time chucking the elephant into little pieces, so I can eat one piece at a time, and put the rest in the fridge, so when the deadline comes, the elephant is gone. Ants a killed by crowding them together and giving them a good hard kick with your boot (get the little things out of the way, and out of mind, in one alloted time slot, and never think about them again!

It allegedly takes 30 consecutive days to make or break a habbit, so over the next 30 days, towards 7 December, I’ll blog each day about the elephant chuncks I need to eat, and report my progress and experience with this new habbit – and give myself a huge pat on the back for my willingness to take action! 

This afternoon’s chunk of elephant is transcription of one of my interviews – goal: data analysis (Importnat, non-urgent), presentation next week (Important-Urgent – this particular elephant will have to be eaten rather quickly).

Ants to be killed: emails to case study participants – to build future data-collection. I’ll stamp this out first thing!


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