Monday – Day 4 of new work life

Kind of unfair to call this day 4, as it is really only work day number 2, but the techniques were loosely applied to my home life too this weekend – bloody hard to keep in control when you have a wife and two boys, but applying the mindset of ants and elephants did help me to feel I was more in control, and made me more resilient to changes in the plan.

Now it’s Monday morning, and this weeks elephant is my department presentation on Friday. The first chunk of that elephant will be eaten first thing today: Transscription of interview, then I’ll kill ants (=mails: hopefully there’s lots of news on the ships I sent sailing Friday to get more case sites – need to keep being proactive on this). I’ll need to address the lack of cleaning in my office too, and top up the mobile.

Then it’s lunch with a PhD collegue at 1 pm, and then elephsant eating again: Lots of thoughts about the presentation Friday, which I should sort out and make a couple of slides on – this will also help me define my overall purpose in this project; my elevator speech, which I will need to get more cases interested in the project.

Brilliant – off to work. Will report back at the end of the day.


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