Day 5 – PhD Project management experiment

So, never did get back to write that blog post yesterday afternoon – had crammed in too many things. BUT I did work hard, because of the plan I had lain in the morning, so the experiment was still a success. And walking home in the afternoon, I did go over the stuff consciously in my mind.

It was the lunch with a collegue, discussing his and my project which sparked so many thoughts and ideas, and a growing awareness of my own position as a researcher, that I had to spend some time sorting out my thoughts – and moved a mile on the major elephants of both my presentation Friday and my project at large.

Today is going to be taken up mostly by a course I’m taking on your relation with your supervisor, followed by a number of ants, which must be killed quickly and efficiently (minor tasks – most exiting are the numerous mails from people wishing to participate in my project – strong need to remain proactive on this issue). ‘

Then I’ll start finding case quotes for my presentation Friday – got so many specific ideas for this after my work yesterday. So that will be today’s chunk of elephant. 

Moving forward fast, and proud of myself!



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